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Waterproof Fitted Mattress Pad


Waterproof Fitted Mattress Pad, 150 GSM Polyester Fill Washable Diamond Quilted



Product Features:

GSM: 150 GSM
Waterproof: Yes
Design: Diamond Shape Small Quilt
Thickness: 16 inches thick


  • Canadian Linen Waterproof Luxury Mattress Pads provide the ultimate softness, safety and protection.
  • Our Waterproof Mattress Pads feature 150 GSM premium polyester filling with high quality TPU (waterproof) layer at the bottom that provides reliable and long-lasting waterproof protection. Bed Safe Fitted Mattress Pads feature high quality All Around Premium Elastic Mesh for a Better Fit and can fit up to 16 inches thick mattresses.
  • 150 GSM premium polyester fill with deep pocket provide extreme comfort, cushioning, and pleasure. They easily fit extra thick luxury pillow top mattresses.
  • Diamond Shape Small Quilt Design provides strength, durability, breathability, comfort and keeps the filling in intact even after many washes. Our Luxury Mattress Pads have strong quality fabric on both top and bottom for stability and endurance.

Canadian Linen specialize in selling high quality mattress pads. We carry a large selection of varieties: (a) Mattress Pads with 6 oz premium polyester filling with 15 inch pocket that fits mattresses up to 10 inches thick, (b) Luxury Mattress pads with 6 oz extra thick filling with 15 inches deep pockets that fits mattresses up to 16 inches thick, (c) water proof mattress pads with premium polyester fill providing the ultimate protection, (d) Water proof mattress protectors / bed bug protectors that have zipper all around for full encasement and protection. Our Mattress Pads are supplied to branded hotels, institutions, and organizations. We design and brand our products for quality, consistency, and durability.

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