Canadian Linen has the finest and best Everest bathrobe for men and the most luxurious loungewear and long robes for women. It is a curated plush, a clean-style robe that combines comfort and style. The soft, warm undertones of the luxurious cotton outer shell are enhanced by a long-lasting Everest terry cloth.

Canadian Linen Everest Designer Luxury bathrobe with Color Piping offer essential comfort and style. It is warm and soft and has a unique spa feel that offers incredible relaxation and ease. The All-Season, Lightweight 100% Cotton Unisex housecoat provides moisture relief without being too heavy. This will provide you with a great experience and pleasure. The casual house robes can be worn comfortably and carried around easily. Waffle bathrobes come in three sizes-small, medium & Large, and have a wide range of colors which are in white, black, burgundy, teal, and navy blue.

Canadian Linen have variety of weaves and a wide range in bathrobes that includes flannel, terry & waffle and have extensive selection of cuts includes shawl collar, kimono, front pockets & with ties. A plush terry cloth fabric might help you feel comfy & Lightweight while our flannel Dressing Gown can make you feel super soft warm and comfortable. Our bath robes are designed and perfect when it’s time to sit back and relax after the spa, a long bath, or a dip in the pool. It is very suitable for sauna, gym, swimming pool or beach.