Our bar mop Kitchen Towels set is a must have product for your home, office, or business.

They are reusable and a greener and Eco-friendly alternative to their disposable counterparts and it can be helpful in meeting corporate social responsibility targets for businesses.

Our Dishcloths towels are machine washable.

Multipurpose Cleaning & Tea Towel can be used with industrial strength disinfectants and cleaners.

They stand up to frequent washes and dry quickly.

The 100% cotton Kitchen Towels is a safe and natural product.

Whether it is to cleaning the Dishes in Restaurant, Grab a hot Tea Cup or any handle, wiping Tiles or Spills, cleaning the countertop, or drying up Cups or plates, Cleaning Car Seats or Offices Computers, our Cleaning towels are an excellent choice & budget friendly for disinfecting and sanitizing aid.