We specialize in selling high quality shower curtains and Shower Liners in Canada and supply to branded hotels, institutions, and organizations. We design and brand our products for quality, consistency, and durability.

Heavy Duty

Canadian linen shower curtains are made of premium Polyester Fabric for heavy duty performance.

Clip-On Hookless Design

The Clip-on design Hookless Clip is durable, stylish and easy to install. It ensures smooth movement of shower curtain across the shower rod.

Magnetic Bottom

Magnetic weights increase shower space by keeping the shower curtain in place and prevents water leakages.


12 Reinforced holes for hooks allow you smooth and swift movement of curtains across the metallic rod.

Reinforced Buttonholes

The curtains comprise of reinforced holes that will accommodate the hooks included, or other decorative hooks. The buttonholes offer strength and a clean appearance along with allowing smooth movement across the rod, while the weighted hem of the hanging curtain helps keep them in place.